Yes, there is an utterly unsavory pun in that title but we have collectively earned it and I just can’t  help calling a cat a cat when it’s needed. So if the reader is opposed to a little rant expressing the author’s dismay at the inability of humans to Jolly B. Good for one single flocking day per year, he or she should go read one of the usual disinformation sources that practice journalism with a politically correct sense of ethics that makes them useless except in the bathroom or wrapped around a fish if they are of the old school printed kind.

For those who stay, mind the puns, they’re central to this raging post.

On December 23, two days before Christmas, Mikhail Kalashnikov died! What a symbol, right! The inventor of the most spread around tool of killing one another goes out right before we celebrate the arrival of the man who first asked us never to hurt one another under any circumstance? Darn, whether you are Russian or Christian or not, what a clear call:

A little less piece on Earth, a lot more peace?

Credit : James Akena / Reuters Found in link below.

Credit : James Akena / Reuters
Found in link below.

HA! If that could be true … then we wouldn’t have gotten to read this good article by The Guardian showing UN Blue Helmets in South Sudan wielding that very AK-47/74 in the picture above the very next day or the very one before Christmas ( same thing ) and about mass graves, no less?.
I piss on tribal warfare.

Oh and guess what weapons are being used in Syria ( the very land from which the Roman authority by Quirinius called for the census that led to the location of Christ’s birth ), by both sides mind you? Yes, you guessed it : the AK again!
I piss on religious war, civil or otherwise.

Then came the 24th! Russia outlawed NGO’s from holding any belief or action that would be contrary to its liking or interest unless they registered as foreign agents. That’s a great call! Foreign agents? Non-governmental organizations are by definition not national entities, dear dictator! If there is an anti-Russian slant in their asking for justice or ecological morality or more care for the sanctity of the well-being of humans, guess by whom it was Putin there? Afraid of ideas, are you? I’ll give you credit for coming out with it on a day when most foreign agents AK_a regular folks are too busy with acquiring food and gifts to care about morals though.
I piss on all forms of mind control!

But the worst was yet to come. On Christmas Day or December 25 th if you are not a believer, the ridiculous on-goign opposition of terrorism and tyranny struck again! Palestinian terrorists carried numerous attacks on Israelis. A bus bombing here, a shooting there, hatred was again being spread around with a disturbing timing! Why then? Because you see, the land that both people should share is visited by a higher than usual number of tourists at Christmas time since Christian pilgrims want to be where it happened , where Jesus was born. Thus, the unqualified murderous acts of the said terrorist will have a much higher public impact? With the side effect that it throws a veil of shame on their supposed cause, the recognition of their people and land as I seem to be the only one to wish to differentiate those knaves/assassins from Palestinian people in general. But then again the terrorists do not partake in the kind of negotiated  solution embodied by the Israeli Palestinian Peace Talks led by US Secretary of State John Kerry. They are blinded by their hatred and driven by a wish to see the Jewish state disappear.
I piss on extremists.

By a ridiculous reversal, this favors the worst of Jews. It allows them to turn their backs on the immorality of the Palestians’ plight and re-enter the very cycle of unsolvable schism that defines that conflict and a lot of their history. The government is as usual at the heart of this. It carries on with its agenda of waiting until there are not enough Palestinians or land thereof left to negotiate over. The facts and narrative confirm that; of which the following article serves as a perfect example of :

Fact :The Israeli government wants the delay for the talks due for next March extended by a year.

Pro : it makes Israel look good to speak of furthering the peace process despite the terror it endures. Con : it pushes back a solution that it is likely not wishing for? The best proof of that duality being the announcement for more settlements made by Prime Minister Nethanyahu :
What I said up there : there won’t be land to share if the peace comes too late now, will there?

Narrative : “We are pursuing the peace process as if there is no terror,” Israeli Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett said. “The assertion that the Palestinian Authority is not tied to the attacks is blowing up in our faces every day.”
Yeah sure, what great heart you have. Except that by linking the terror to the Palestinian Authority, you contradict your own stance? If you have proof of that link, incontrovertible proof, why not just stop negotiating with them? Of course if you don’t, why not just shut the flock up? I piss on liars!

Fact : “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Kerry not to put any agreement on the table during his most recent visit, out of concern that a U.S. proposal could be turned into indisputable fact and potentially become another obstacle to negotiations.“
So let me see : agreements scare you as obstacles to negotiations,  aka  peace likely scares the bejesus … ( Oops! Too soon?* ) out of you but bombing for it is fine and your promises are worth their weight in gold? What kind of a moron are you, sir and/or what kind of idiots do you think we are?

Narrative : “Government officials say the Palestinians refuse to sign a framework agreement that would at the end of negotiations require them to recognize Israel as the Jewish state and require Israel to recognize the Palestinians’ need to form a nation“ 
LOL. You want to exchange a thing for a promise? A bird in hand for a dead one in the bush? And the Palestinians didn’t jump on that generous offer? Oh, shucks! How very unreasonable of them! 8-)

Fact : By the end of that article, we learn that the release of prisoners will continue which is quite generous but also that those still behind bars should be forbidden from pursuing academic studies.

Narrative : ”Aside from the fact there is nothing moral about academic studies for terrorists on the Israeli citizen’s dime, it should be stressed that providing academic studies only produces certified terrorists.”
That of course came from a zionist group which by their stance that Palestine should not exist anymore are actually more cause than part in the violence but even disregarding that, the comment is hate mongering in itself! Here’s a suggestion : keep them their right to study but just limit the fields concerned? Medicine so they can learn to treat victims instead of making them, allowed! Social welfare and psychology so that they can help their own when out instead of killing others as before : allowed! Tahlmudic studies so they can learn the best out of their foe for a change : allowed!   If however Coranic studies taught by Iranian Revolutionary Guards are excluded and the 100th edition of Djihad for dummies by Al-Qaida Press is on the banned books list, I’ll understand?

The idea is that turning your enemies into men of peace will do lots to prevent further killings; a sort of soft version of re-education camps?

If only this and other hate filled articles
were the only facts out of the past days but alas. There was also a military reaction to the terrorist acts. Yes, the self-defence point is evident and yet :

A 3 year old Palestinian girl was killed in those retaliatory bombings.

Maybe she had a brother who will take up arms in turn and end up studying ( or not ) in an Israeli prison? She certainly had parents though that are now just as justified as the Israeli ones to weep disconsolately! Why would you not see how their sorrow blinds their eyes with a veil of tears to the great humane nature of the Jewish people just as certainly as some in Israel cannot recognize the Palestinians as humans? Or is it yet another facet of that profound divide that has your people see themselves as apart and above the rest of humanity. I personally believe that Israel has the right to exist but at the same time that it has no more rights than any other nation! I am as sorry for the immense millenary suffering of the Jews as I think that a given pride of being better than others that is fundamental to their history kept that unfair treatment ongoing. Let us be brutally honest : if all of the Hebrews that weep on the wall of laments do so for their own plight without a single thought to the plight of Goys, then I’d piss on that wall instead! I am extremely sorry for the blasphemous nature of that sarcastic call but it has to be put out in the open. If it is in your opinion a matter of the chosen ones versus the whole world, in the end the world will win over the Jews and the World will lose ( itself ) in the process! Being neither Nazi or terrorist nor Jewish, I cannot condone any action that would lead to that, from either side!!!

Couldn’t the strikes have waited 24 hours if only for the symbol. But on Christmas day? Oh well, at least we know that that young girl won’t be the mother of a prophet, now do we? This whole affair is disgusting and a blemish to the love of God for his creation. Did those planes have a giant tallit drawn over their canopies as they let go of their deadly cargo? Just wondering!

Which brings me to leave the singularity of Israel behind and at last generalize. A long time ago, in the preface of a play entitled Fanaticism, or Mahomet, Voltaire wrote a small sarcastic letter that makes my above calls of the same nature throughout this post seem mild or meek by comparison. Wanting to show that he did not believe Islam to be the sole source of fanaticism, he took on the assumed identity of man writing to the head of the Jesuit order of the time offering a way to get rid of the “bad Christians”. This called back to the then barely ending wars of religion in France and Europe at large which shows clearly how Jews are not the sole culprits of such by large and resonates to today as the Pope that celebrated Jesus’ birth yesterday is a Jesuit himself although he wouldn’t have had interest in that fake letter had he received it save to pardon Voltaire for his uncouth sarcasm.


In this letter, the sender suggests to the ecclesiastic authority that by poisoning the hosts ( the small  cake that represents the bread of the Last Supper and the spiritual body of the sacrificed Christ ) on one of their given celebratory days, they’d get rid of these heretics in one swipe and save multiple massacres between the shades of the creed in the future. Of course, the writer goes on to say, that would also send their cousins of another type to their untimely demise as well since they share that holy day despite being good believers themselves but since they’d immediately be received in Heaven, that would only hasten their eternal rejoicing which cannot be such a bad thing?

If I had to write that pamphlet myself today, December 26th 2013, I don’t think that I could avoid extending that “generous idea” to all forms of religion from bombing Judaism ( Israel ) to fighting Islam ( A-stan/Egypt/Pakistan/Syria/Yemen ) and murderous Buddhism ( Myanmar ) and materially engorged uncaring Christianity ( the whole Western Civilization, busy today with fighting over savings from which the term Boxing Day ) to tribal animists ( South Sudan and elsewhere ). It would after all only require a simili-alignment of planets from the religious calendars? Then a little cyanide in the lambs or hosts and matzot and rice or whatever and voilà, peace on Earth at last? Of course that idea, aside from the global genocide image which is not quite in my nature, is hindered by the fact that many atheists are murderous morons in their own right which would severely limit its efficiency? But if it worked, I wouldn’t mind sharing the planet afterwards with the undecided and the meek and learning from them to be gentler myself? The latter are part of the good guys according to the Messiah whose birthday was so well celebrated yesterday and I’d easily participate in a military meeting for bombing on Christmas Day with the former : “-So scramble the jets? -Nah, better wait until we have more data.” [ by which time things are forgotten ;) ].

Alternatively, I have a better idea : why not take ALL religious days and forbid war and killing during those? Christmas : no warring. Hannukah : no warring : all 6 days of it. Easter and Passover : no warring. Eid Al-Fitr & Eid Al-Adha : no warring. And so on with the other Faiths?

Heck, one could even include National Days? Hold all the military parades you want but no warring?

What? What’s that you say? OH! Yes, I see your point : in a world that used to cease wars for Olympic games proclaiming the ideal of human betterment and spirit and now forgoes them to hold wars, it so much well-intended hogwash! And besides it still does not solve the problem of the atheists nor non-collaboration of the terrorists! Oh well! It was just an idea.

So as proved by the couple thousand words above, the inescapable righteousness of the call of the said Jesus that Love alone, extended to all your fellow human brothers and sisters unconditionally, has any chance of stopping the vicious hate cycle is pure utopia?

Well then, color me insensitive but if I can’t get Peace on Earth, for its being reserved for people of good will means that it will eternally remain a minority wish, I know what’s left for me to do. Since I am not qualified for permanent residency onboard the International Space Station, I’m gonna wait for my alien reader/buddy Blorgzzzmuff to call again ( he/she/it did on Christmas but I didn’t know of the bad stuff then ) and ask him for pan-galactic political asylum. And if it gets approved ( & for the son too ) as the space craft leaves the atmosphere, I’ll make use of the bathroom and piss on humanity!

-Oh! Look ma’ … yellow rain! It’s an omen, right? What does it mean?

-That someone got lucky, boy … very very lucky!

Sadcarstically yours, Tay.

* Both senses : form yesterday or from 2 000 years back! 8-)

P.S. Grand Prize for bullshit in reporting for Christmas 2013 goes to

– this and all other similarly titled pieces on the Net, telly or in the papers:
Oh! The Pope called for a better World? On the birthday of him who asked us to love one another by the head of those who believe in said him? How strange? I hadn’t seen that one coming?

– and to Fox News for this :
Yeah, latest news indeed reporting on years of violence against Christians in the Middle-East? I know the difference between religion and state but I do wonder if your service made the same comment about  years of violence by Christians against Muslims in the same Irak from 2003 to 2011-12? Or by Muslims against Muslims? Hum?

Stupid comment of the day void of any logical meaning : again in Israel as the Parliament’s speaker refused a Christmas tree because of the painful memories attached to it? Did he mean that he did not get enough gifts as a kid? Nope, the poor fellow as stated in the article thinks it is a Christian symbol! Which A- shows that he is still angry at Christians ( That’s living in the past and/or being a revengeful idiot for you; what if American supporters of Israel took that attitude seriously and banned any Jewish symbol and the US stopped sending cash and weapons, hum? ) and B- that the poor guy should shut his mouth on things he knows naught of as serious Christians despise the so-called Christmas tree for being a pagan aberration? http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2013/12/26/israel-christmas-tree-jews/4204159/
And yet Yuli went one idiocy further : “…the initiative is part of an Arab campaign to chip away at Israel’s Jewish nature.” And you thought you had it bad with your politicians? Wow! Poor Israelis!

Additional reading :

The piece below is another rant that I found interesting. It ties to the Fox comment as it asks how much sense it makes to celebrate the birthday of a Peace bringer when our own soldiers are involved in war. In that sense, it complements my Post and balances the call I made to the Jewish state for its actions on that day. It takes up the dichotomy between love each other to death and turn the other cheek versus Crusade and religious wars again  :


Angry, volatile in tone but worth reflecting on!

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