Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Last summer, we visited Paris, an amazing city called the City of Lights!

I liked the old buildings but what I liked the most was the FL tower. It’s like a huge Lego toy all made of metal and all filled with holes. It’s big, it’s there and that’s pretty much all! We went up to the top which was scary.

That night, we visited a monument called the Ark-the-Tree-omph. I saw it again, standing in the night with lights shining through the holes. Then I really wanted to go back to the top :

3 … 2 … 1 : Lift-off!


( 99 words / 3 numeral ; title not included. )

The above short story is an entry to a weekly challenge on WordPress called : Friday Fictioneers!

The idea is to write a hundred words short fiction ( flash ) story upon the prompt that is provided by Rochelle under the form of the above picture.

Thanks then to Rochelle whose blog is found here :



and I hope my readers will like it.

13 thoughts on “The rocket in the night.

    • TYVM Pretty Amy. What’s weird is that my son thought it was the worst of my FF pieces. And yet he loves the Eiffel tower and Legos … err … hum, or maybe he just used to like ’em by now. Stupid growing up thing, sheesh! ;) Tay.

  1. nice… you capture the magic well… and esp. if you look at it from a bit of a distance… i visited paris last year and did see the tower from the arc de triomphe as well… so good…ready to lift off…smiles

    • Inescapable! That picture had a roundish frame so that I immediately thought of those paying spyglasses they have for visitors. Thanks Douglas Ironwood for that image!
      And TYVM Claudia

    • Only a problem from the ground to the void, of course! Out in space, we could build lattice frames and it would do fine. And down here, as little aerodynamic quality as it would have to go up, the holes do let the winds pass through and the tower standing?

      And it does look like a cousin to the one in Tintin, the checkered red and white one with similarly spread “feet”?

      BTW, in that pic, you look like a cousin of the most famous Björn yourself, my friend!
      Good day, Tay.

        • LOL WOW! Great pun, and related to rockets too. Are you a STNG fan by any chance? ;)
          And no, you look a tad too cool and individual for that. But he wasn’t either for real. He was initially very emotive and learned to behave like that after his mom barred him from playing for a month for insulting a referee. He love the game too much to go through that again and steeled himself into a colder than ice mindset to avoid a repeat!

    • I am quite happy with myself on that one to say the truth Rochelle, like an 8-yo would be, I guess!
      But I gotta tell you boss, that was the hardest one yet for word count. I normally exceed the limit by no more than a dozen and trim. This time, I gasped in alarmed surprise before going into the last paragraph / conclusion : 170 words???
      I had to be forceful. It was more amputation than editing. I blame it all on you, of course, chief! 8-)

      Shalom, Tay.

    • I just read yours in turn, Liz. I could not find a Like button nor comment unless revealing personal info so here it is instead :
      “Very close to the heart for this Sci-Fi fan. The old masters of the genre would have approved!
      Two extremities appendages up, Tay.”

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