Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

Last summer, we visited Paris, an amazing city called the City of Lights!

I liked the old buildings but what I liked the most was the FL tower. It’s like a huge Lego toy all made of metal and all filled with holes. It’s big, it’s there and that’s pretty much all! We went up to the top which was scary.

That night, we visited a monument called the Ark-the-Tree-omph. I saw it again, standing in the night with lights shining through the holes. Then I really wanted to go back to the top :

3 … 2 … 1 : Lift-off!


( 99 words / 3 numeral ; title not included. )

The above short story is an entry to a weekly challenge on WordPress called : Friday Fictioneers!

The idea is to write a hundred words short fiction ( flash ) story upon the prompt that is provided by Rochelle under the form of the above picture.

Thanks then to Rochelle whose blog is found here :

and I hope my readers will like it.