for all street lamp posts to be made of wood again ( preferably rose, sandal or cedar for the scents ) to end the horrendous noise made by the skidding of squirrels claws as they try to go up them as it wracks my nerves worse than a screeching chalk on a blackboard …

a huge fenced arena siting cattywampus to every city’s main streets near the center or facing City Hall, where we could park the most egregious idiots and sit on bench parks lining its periphery to listen at their taradiddles in all safety like parents checking kids playing at a square’s sandbox …

a responsible government or at least one honest politician, either miniature or stuffed for ease of keeping, to bumfuzzle my visitors with …

a cross between a mermaid, a goat and a unicorn to check the kids around the pool and keep the lawn short but only poop sparkling rainbow muffins on it so that I don’t have to clean up behind it …

a mountain bike that floats since I already know full well how to make mine fly …

a baobab shaped pear tree with low hanging branches that the kids would be tall enough to decorate for Christmas to shield my windows from the sight and sounds of the mechanical monstrosities that roam the boulevard in front of the house instead of the useless tall oak type ones that grow so high that they only give shade to the roof …

in which my true love, a cute but to me magnificently beautiful, brilliant, calm, cool and collected woman wishing for quiet times and content with a real man over the idealized one of postmodern feminist / sociologically correct capitalist advertising times and less than a dozen pair of shoes ( with big boobs but that’s facultative ), could put a partridge …

and a glow in the dark basset hound for let’s face it  that is the only way to improved on such a lovingly ugly and disconcerting pig-headed joke of an animal!

Wish loud, Tay. Snapshot 2014-01-04 18-52-09

8 thoughts on “My ridiculous but essential wish list :

    • Why thank you very much, brokegirl, *blush, blush*!!! To my utter shame, I never checked the Global Tags thing as you put it and will have to check that tomorrow. But I’ll go check your own blog right now though. Do check the categories on my posts however as they are an eclectic bunch from serious and sad to whimsical?
      And with that, welcome and GN, mylady, Tay. :D

      • I’m a fairly new blogmonkey and wanted to see some other blogs so I just clicked on it and TA-DAAAH was your blog (under humour because I do like funny things). My emotions are an eclectic bunch from serious and sad to whimsical to absolutely mental so I think my brain will like your blog! :)

  1. A glow-in-the-dark basset hound, eh? Would that extend to bi-products? Would be handy at dusk. You’ve given me an idea about an addition to my cat’s diet. Phosphorescence bi-products would definitely be useful in the garden. Like all your wishes, unlikely, unlikely. :)

    • Nope, mylady! The closest one to reality actually; check number 77 in this old post :

      Hum? And while talking to you feels like bringing the true love one out of the twilight zone ;) that honest politician is a pure flight of fancy, not unlikely, impossible, grrrrrrrr!

      Have a great day, Tay.

      P.s. Great idea for the p :D :D p thang, you should patent & market that! Go Ann!

      • Well, that was a cheery trip I just had around the political world! What an enlightened lot, the human race. I’m glad I’m not from this planet. I just wish I could remember where I AM from and how to get back. I hope you don’t live in Indianapolis as I just saw on the news, a UK journalist throw a cup of boiling water into the air and it froze before it hit the pavement. Though if you get your wish to relocate to another galaxy I’d far rather my share of your yellow rain arrived in the form of yellow hailstones. :)

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