Copyright - Dawn Q. Landau

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

- Dad, what’s that strange house?

- An outhouse, a bathroom if you prefer!

- Really, why doesn’t it have a roof?

- So kids won’t stay for hours reading comics?

- That’s mean! And why is it on that rock?

- That’s no rock, that petrified poo!

- Eeeew! … and what does petrified mean?

- Turned to rock! The people use the bathroom and poo accumulates and over time it hardens, turns into stone and the bathroom goes up which is why they carved those steps in it.

- That’s disgusting!


- Darling, stop stuffing him with crap, please.

Sigh! – Go help Mom pack the picnic! Time to go!


( 100 words / 0 numerals ; title not included. )

he above short story is an entry to a weekly challenge on WordPress called : Friday Fictioneers!

The idea is to write a hundred words short fiction ( flash ) story upon the prompt that is provided by Rochelle under the form of the above picture.

Thanks then to Rochelle whose blog is found here :

and I hope my readers will like it.