Copyright - Erin Leary_2.

Copyright – Erin Leary_2.

-“Don’t go down there! You’ll get dirty.”

-“It’s only mud and I’m already dirty, see?”

-“You’re impossible!”

-”And you’re no fun. I wanna check the river.”

-“That’s dangerous! That why there’s a fence.”

-“I hate girls.”

-“Hey, that’s mean; you’re a monster!”

-“And you’re a Princess, I win!”

-“How do you figure?”

-“Ever heard of a princess eating a monster?”

-“Oh! You’re horrible!”

-“Let go of that branch!”

-“I want to build a raft.”

-“No! For some reason, mom wants you back alive.”

-“I hate sisters! I’m no princess shiny hair : I’m a knight.

I want to sail into the fogset!”


( 101 words / 0 numerals ; title not included )

The above short story is an entry to a weekly challenge on WordPress called : Friday Fictioneers!

The idea is to write a hundred words short fiction ( flash ) story upon the prompt that is provided by Rochelle under the form of the above picture.


Thanks then to Rochelle whose blog is found here :

and I hope my readers will like it.