Copyright - Erin Leary_2.

Copyright – Erin Leary_2.

-“Don’t go down there! You’ll get dirty.”

-“It’s only mud and I’m already dirty, see?”

-“You’re impossible!”

-”And you’re no fun. I wanna check the river.”

-“That’s dangerous! That why there’s a fence.”

-“I hate girls.”

-“Hey, that’s mean; you’re a monster!”

-“And you’re a Princess, I win!”

-“How do you figure?”

-“Ever heard of a princess eating a monster?”

-“Oh! You’re horrible!”

-“Let go of that branch!”

-“I want to build a raft.”

-“No! For some reason, mom wants you back alive.”

-“I hate sisters! I’m no princess shiny hair : I’m a knight.

I want to sail into the fogset!”


( 101 words / 0 numerals ; title not included )

The above short story is an entry to a weekly challenge on WordPress called : Friday Fictioneers!

The idea is to write a hundred words short fiction ( flash ) story upon the prompt that is provided by Rochelle under the form of the above picture.


Thanks then to Rochelle whose blog is found here :



and I hope my readers will like it.


19 thoughts on “The Princess’ brother.

    • TYVM Sarah! One simply has to remember that for kids, the world is not a set place : the line between real and imaginary is as blurred as that between the little they know and the lot that has yet to be learned. And what better to describe such a personal world than making up one’s own words? ;)

      Have a great day, Tay.

    • Thank you Elmo ( strange name for a pretty lass; I’m hoping you chose it for the enthusiasm and positivism and not the voice? )! Unusually for me, the picture did not prompt a story immediately this morning. While I ran an errand, I thought about the sister character in my hero’s family that I feel I don’t use enough. I remembered a past episode where my 8-yo hero complained about her for being too girly. Thought about their relationship as siblings on the way back to the house and voilà! I sat down at the keyboard and it wrote itself as usual. :D Cheers, Tay.
      P.S. Your subdued take on the horses was softly poetic, kudos back at you!

    • And to think I was an only child, LOL. But I can translate the sister thing from GFs past 8-)
      Poor girl though, she probably won’t wan’t to be a babysitter after enduring her kid brother! :D
      Thanks WM’ Tay.
      P.S. I had you penned for a thoughtful guy and you work at FoxNews? What gives? ;)
      I guess I’ll have to review my pre-conceived ideas, huh?

    • Agreed! To each their own ways! I was the dangerously adventurous kind myself. I remember my mom coming home to find me running water over a 5 cm long gash in my hand because I tried to jump from an unfinished second story on a nearby construction site and almost fainting at the sight of the pouring blood. :D
      I think she’d have welcomed a daughter for the chance not to worry as much. ;)

  1. Tay, Great dialogue. My husband said that it was a good thing for our son he was older than our daughter. She would have probably bossed the heck out of him. Well written and humorous. :) —Susan

    • At last ( LOL ) ;) ! Well Susan, I’m glad that my fictional family pleased your real one. And I fully agree with your husband as I remember a younger sister by barely a year that I know that still got the upper hand on her “big” brother. In this case though, my little hero is too rambunctious for his sibling.
      Profuse thanks for the compliments, Tay.

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