According to the Beeb, a man in Bretteville-Le-Rabet, Normandy, France castrated and killed the local mayor, Dominique Leboucher!!!

Leboucher aged 55 had been a town councillor since 2001 and elected as mayor in March. So politics can’t be the cause of his assignation unless the killer was darn slow. No, indeed, the reason for the murder was of a more personal nature. The killer had accused the mayor of making him a cuckold! That would explain the castration … or would it?

Not only was the mayor a charming rotund and balding man, not only did he form a loving couple with his own wife but what’s more, the murderer went on to commit suicide! Now, I’ve never quite understood the fight over a woman myself. If your gal gives her favors to another man, my personal view is good riddance of the cheating bee hatch? Sorry for the frank talk but I mean, she’s the one that was supposed to stay true, right? The other fellow unless your best friend is only a dick, no more no less. Anyway, complete lack of reasoning!

For that reason if no other, I’d tend to believe Deputy Mayor Guesnon who tearfully surmised the excuse to be false and the act to be one of madness. For if after the alleged infidelity ( justified by the fact that his companion had joined the municipal council and had to attend the evening meetings 8-) ), the imaginary cuckold had intended to eliminate the mayor to regain his wife’s attentions, after the suicide, he sure won’t be able to profit from these, now will he?

Nutjob, I’m telling you!


French source :



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