Frowns to the left of me, laughter to the right,
Here I am stuck in the middle drinking.



-“Wow! You’re here again tonight! Don’t you remember what you did yesterday?”
-“Not a clue … but I have a feeling that if I did, I’d want to forget so I’m getting a head start. Barman, another one please!


-‘I’d do her in a heartbeat!”
-“Then, vulgarity apart . . . would she even notice?”


-“Hey there cutie *burp* Wassa your name?”
-“Nuttoonitiav Aheadake!”
-“OH? Foreigner! Are you interested in a little cultural exchange?



After the close remarks :
-“Strange, isn’t it that for half of them the more tipsy they get … the less they tip?” ;)


Sloppy hour is more like it!



2 thoughts on “Bar stool confessions : misspoken.

    • I was indeed, only drawing on memories and not draft! But writing it got to me and I went to fetch barrel of ale and a jug of whiskey afterwards! ;) Cheers, Kent, Tay.

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